Pork Roast with Vegetables


We supply the pork roast, potatoes, carrots, and onion, and you supply the slow cooker! Put all the ingredients in the pot along with our provided seasoning packet. Then, simply follow our easy instructions and in a few hours, you’ll delight your family and friends with a perfect meal. To make clean up easy, we […]

Beef Roast with Vegetables


Make a succulent beef roast dinner with minimal effort! Our Beef Roast One Pot Meal has everything you need for a complete meal; just empty the meat and vegetables in a slow cooker, and in a few hours, dinner is served! We even include a seasoning packet, a slow-cooker liner, and complete cooking instructions.

Corned Beef with Vegetables

Corned Beef One Pot Meal

We’re the corned beef experts, so of course, we have a Corned Beef One Pot Meal! As with our other One Pot Meals, we provide a lean cut of meat, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and a spice packet. We also provide easy instructions that will let you serve your family a perfect dinner with almost no […]

Low Sodium Flat Cut

Flat cut low sodium Grobbel's Corned Beef

Looking to cut down on your sodium intake? Our Low Sodium Flat Cut Corned Beef maintains all the flavor and texture of our traditional flat cut but contains 60% less sodium.

Point Cut

Point Cut Grobbel's Meat with Prepared Vegetables

A homestyle cut with excellent texture, our Point Cut Corned Beef is a full flavor, homestyle cut that can be served sliced or pulled, giving it almost endless versatility.

Flat Cut

Flat Cut Grobbel's Meat

If you prefer traditional, leaner cut, our Flat Cut Corned Beef is well balanced and perfect for slicing. Serve our delicious flat cut as an entrée or as a savory ingredient in a variety of dishes.

Flat Cut