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Grilled Pastrami Supreme Sandwich

a slice of pizza sitting on top of a wooden table

A perfect marriage of sweet and salty – cool, crisp coleslaw and delicately seasoned pastrami. This is a Deli classic that will impress.

PrepTime 10m | Ingredients 6 | Serves 1


2 slices Rye or Pumpernickel bread

3oz Grobbel's pastrami, shaved

2oz coleslaw

2 slices swiss cheese

1 tbsp mustard

lettuce and tomato (if desired)


Layer cheese, meat, coleslaw, condiment, lettuce and tomato (if desired) and cheese between two slices of bread. Place on a non-stick 

cooking surface. 

Grill to a golden brown on each side. Serve immediately, serves 1. 

For best flavor and texture, grill without butter or margarine.