Sliced Meats – Foodservice

Grobbel’s Pre-Shaved Corned Beef, Roast Beef and Pastrami are sliced thinner and more consistently than any other brand.  Whether you choose the 3 oz. portion, for making one sandwich at a time, or the 3 lb. bulk for rapid sandwich making, Grobbel’s pre-shaved products are a premium value for you and your customers.


Description Code Piece
Weight Range
Per Case
Case Weight
Shaved Corned Beef 3785 3 lbs. 4 12 lbs.
Shaved Roast Beef 3780 3 lbs. 4 12 lbs. f/w
Shaved Pastrami 3775 3 lbs. 4 12 lbs. f/w
Seasoned Sliced Rib Eye 3720 3 lbs. 4 12 lbs. f/w